What is GymClub?

We are an exciting new health-centric membership service, providing our subscribers with exclusive access to a range of high-quality gym and spa venues worldwide.

How does it work?

Choose your preferred GymClub membership plan, browse our luxury health venue listings and then purchase a pass to your chosen health venue. You’ll receive a pass-code via SMS, which you present to the venue when you visit. Then simply enjoy the high-quality facilities that the pass entitles you to use.

What are the main benefits of GymClub?

  • Exclusive access – Visit high-end gym and spa venues that you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to access without buying an annual membership or staying in a hotel.
  • A service that travels with you – GymClub are in the process of signing venues worldwide and will soon be expanding into new locations.  If you travel for business, or go on holiday – you'll get short-term access to the best quality health venues in the area you’re visiting.
  • No buy-in / No tie-in – Unlike a regular gym membership, there’s no joining fee or lock-in period; you’re free to put your membership on hold at any time.
  • Variety – Taste-test a wide range of fantastic facilities or just spice up your fitness routine; change your venue as often as you’d like.
  • Flexibility - A GymClub membership is flexible around your lifestyle; you only pay when you want to visit a gym or spa, so you don't lose value when other commitments prevent you from working out.
  • Offers for members - Some of our venues offer exclusive deals and perks; just for GymClub members.  Check out the offers section of the GymClub website to see what's new and keep an eye out for ‘Membership benefits’ on venue pages for exclusive perks and discounts.

How do I join?

There are several subscription options available to you. Take a look at the plans below to get an idea of which subscription suits your needs best. Your chosen subscription will renew on a monthly basis until you choose to pause it. Alternatively, you may find it simpler to pay for the whole year up front with our £99 annual subscription. Just click on your preferred plan below to access the registration form for that plan.

What is GymClub credit?

Passes and offers are purchased using GymClub credit. 

You can choose a subscription plan that includes free GymClub credit. Subscription credit expires at the end of every monthly term, providing you with an incentive to work out or treat yourself at a spa on a regular basis.

If you’re on the £9 basic plan (or have run out of credit) you can top-up your GymClub credit account by clicking the 'Add Funds' tab in your GymClub account area (or clicking here), selecting the amount you’d like to add to your account and then entering your account details.  GymClub credit that you’ve paid into your account directly never expires, so you know that you’ll always get value from your investment.

Alternatively, just top-up the amount of the pass you’d like to buy at the point of purchase. 

Which venues can I buy passes for?

Any of the venues listed on the GymClub site – that’s the beauty of this service. As new venues are added to GymClub globally, you get access to even more variety.

What facilities will I have access to?

That depends on the pass you choose. Most passes offer the holder access to use all of the facilities that are included in the standard annual membership package for that venue. Some do specify the type of pass based on specific activity; a ‘swim pass’ for example, or a ‘tennis pass’ for example. If in doubt, check the terms of the pass at purchase.

I’ve bought a pass – when can I use it?

All passes are valid for 30 days after purchase. You don’t have to book in advance; simply buy your pass and walk straight in. Do remember to check the opening hours and please be aware that some venues restrict use of passes to specific days, so check the terms before purchase or call the venue to check.

What are offers?

Offers are special deals that our partner venues have chosen to list and are exclusively for our GymClub members.

Can I bring a friend with me when I visit a venue?

Of course you can; they just need to sign-up to GymClub and buy a pass.

How much notice do I need to give if I want to cancel?

None. You can stop and start your membership at any time. If you cancel before the end of your current term, your membership will continue till the end of the current term. To cancel your membership, login to your GymClub account, click on the ‘Membership’ tab and click the ‘Unsubscribe’ button.

I manage or own a venue, how can I find out more about listing with GymClub?

We’re thrilled that you’d like to list with us! Please click here to complete a form expressing your interest and one of our GymClub experts will be in touch shortly to go through the benefits of listing with us.

I manage or own a venue that’s already listed on your site but I’d like help with my account or listing

Once you’re logged in, you’ll have access to your Venue admin panel where you can complete a variety of tasks for your listing. We’re working on adding a ‘Help’ tab into this area for your referral. In the meantime, please contact us at info@gymclub.com if you have any questions.

I own a company; can I buy subscriptions for my staff?

Yes, we have a corporate scheme where you can invest in employee health by paying for their GymClub memberships at a beneficial rate. You can even top up their accounts with credit regularly or as a once-off reward. Please click here to complete a registration form and sign up for this service.

My company is already subscribed to your corporate scheme but I need your help

Once you’re logged in, you’ll have access to your Corporate account admin panel, where you can complete a variety of tasks. If you’re stuck with something, simply click the ‘Help’ tab in this area to access step by step guides for all corporate processes and FAQs. Alternatively, please contact us at info@gymclub.com if you have any questions.

Is there a GymClub mobile app?

Not just yet but we’re working on it – so watch this space! In the meantime, the website is fully responsive so you should be able to use the site across a multitude of devices.

My question hasn’t been answered

Sorry to hear that. Please contact info@gymclub.com with your query and we will be happy to help.

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