GDPR is the term given to the legal requirements we are bound by under new EU legislation to protect personal information about you that we gather, and to tell you what we need to use it for, and then to only use it for that purpose.

As a member or subscriber of Gymclub we store your contact details such as name, mobile phone number and email address in order to maintain your membership records, and to fulfil purchases you make via the website. For instance, we send you a text message and an email if you buy a Pass for a health club. We also use "Cookies" - small pieces of code that are stored on your computer, to allow the website to identify you when you log in and to maintain your security. These cookies are erased as soon as you close your browser or switch off your computer. We may also use other an analytics cookie, which stays on your computer so that we can anonymously measure what actions website visitors take. This helps us understand what visitors look at the most or least, how long they stay on the site, what Country they are viewing from etc. It alows us to develop the site with the customers interests in mind, and again we stress, this data is always completely anonymous. We reserve the right to install cookies for other purposes, but always and only when rerquired to fulfill a function of the website or service you request, such as receiving newsletters etc.

We are also required to provide a "right to be forgotten". If you end your membership or subscription you can contact us and request your personal data deleted.

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