A GymClub corporate membership works by allowing you to invite your employees to join your corporate account so that you can pay their monthly subscription for them - at a beneficial rate. You can also add credit to their GymClub accounts if you choose.

An initial £5 setup fee is taken at registration and an admin fee is then taken on a monthly basis to cover employee support and access to your dedicated Corporate account admin panel (admin fee prices below). You are additionally charged a beneficial membership rate per member that you sign up to the scheme. The more members you add to your account, the cheaper the monthly membership becomes per member as per the rates listed below:

  • 0-4 members - £9 per member and £5 admin fee
  • 5-9 members - £6 per member and £10 admin fee
  • 10-49 members - £5 per member and £20 admin fee
  • 50-99 members - £4 per member and £25 admin fee
  • 100+ members - Negotiable

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Enter the details of the individual who will manage your corporate account.

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