Corporate Membership

Health is a key concern for most people but only a small percentage actually invest in gym membership, with non-members citing expense as the primary reason. Likewise, most employers want a healthy work-force. They're aware that regular exercise has been linked to reduced absenteeism and increased productivity. They also know that including a gym membership as a benefit in their company would increase retention and attract new talent. But gym memberships aren't cheap and some employees may not even use it.

A GymClub corporate scheme account offers a cost-effective solution. The employer pays the subscription fee for their employees at a beneficial rate, which allows employees to buy passes for short-term access to any of the global luxury GymClub health venues. Employers can also add credit to employee accounts if they choose (either regularly or as a special reward). This credit has no expiry date and remains on their account until it's used.

Rates for Corporate Membership

Corporate accounts are charged at a varying beneficial membership rate per member signed up to the scheme. The more members added to an account, the cheaper the monthly membership becomes per member. An initial £5 setup fee is taken at registration and an admin fee is then taken on a monthly basis to cover employee support and access to your dedicated Corporate account admin panel (admin fee prices below).

  • 0-4 members - £9 per member and monthly admin fee of £5
  • 5-9 members - £6 per member and monthly admin fee of £10
  • 10-49 members - £5 per member and monthly admin fee of £20
  • 50-99 members - £4 per member and monthly admin fee of £25
  • 100+ members - Negotiable

Sign your business up for a Corporate scheme

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